Alannah’s Trip

Hello 5/6M,

I have been visiting some very small towns and haven’t posted in a while because we haven’t had wifi. We are currently driving through Sicily. We are in Sciacca and are going to Trapani tomorrow morning. We are having lots of fun and I will try to fill you in ASAP.

Love Alannah xx


Alannah’s Trip – Bologna

Hello 5/6M,

In this post I am going to tell you about my time spent in Bologna. I haven’t posted in a while and since Bologna we have been to Florence, Rome and now we are in Amalfi Coast. In Bolonga we stayed with family, and the good thing about this stay was they speak English and Italian! Even the kids, Stefania the oldest, is 12 and her little brother Antonio is 9. The reason they speak English is because their mum was born and grew up in Melbourne, she is actually an English teacher in Bologna.

Our family showed us around Bologna Central and we got to see all the beautiful old buildings. We also went to a library that used to be a stock market to see the roman ruins. On the floor there was glass and you could see all the ruins. It was pretty amazing! I also had some of the best gelato I have ever had! They also took us up to St Luca’s Church and there was a beautiful view.

On Thursday we did a day trip to Venice, just the 4 of us. We arrived there by train. It was so pretty and has to be one of my favourite places so far! We looked at so many shops that sold masks and we ate an amazing tiramisu! We rode on a gondola around Venice. In Venice all the houses are on the water so you have to catch a water taxi to get home! There are no cars in Venice. On the gondala we saw Marco Polo’s house and our Gondolier told us that very rich people now live there. I am absolutely in love with that city!

Tomorrow we are off to Florence for 1 week. 🙂

With love from Italy,

Alannah xx



Alannah’s Trip – Nice and Genova

Ciao 5/6M,
I am currently in Genova and will tell you about here, but I haven’t done a post for Nice yet so I will combined the both in 1 post.


Nice was beautiful! There were lots of natural beaches and things to do. We met both of our Nonna’s friend, her name was Tota. She told us lots of stories about when her and both of my Nonna’s were little girls and when they used to pick olives together. Tota came with her husband and daughter, we decided to catch up later in the week and they would take us to some places.
We caught the local train to Menton, which took 45 minutes. They showed us around and took us to their local beach and from the top of the hill you could see Italy! They told us that they do their groceries in Italy! Italy is a 15 minute drive from their house. They also took us to Monte Carlo and we saw the famous casinos, also we went to the Prince of Monaco’s Palace. It was absolutely beautiful!
By ourselves we went to an island called St Margit. There were natural beaches that didn’t have sand but instead had rocks! There were lots of pink jellyfish so we didn’t swim for that long but it was a nice day.


In Genova we have family, we didn’t stay with them though but our hotel was close to their house. All of the days we were in Genova we spent them with them. We just spent time with them at their house and had lunch and dinners there and went some places around the city. They took us out for gelato and shopping. We went to a shop called tiger it was a European, cheaper and huge typo! I loved it and bought lots! We also went to Genova Aquarium. Our uncle has a red Vespa and we got to ride it! It was so cool.
We didn’t really do much in Genova but the purpose of our stay there was to spend time with our family. 🙂

With love from Italy,
Alannah xx

Alannah’s trip – Avignon

Hello 5/6M,                                                                                           12.5.2015

I have been very busy over the last couple of days, spending time with family. I am currently in Nice but I am going to tell you about my time in Avignon, we left Avignon on Monday.

When we were in Avignon we stayed with family on my dad’s side. We met lots of new people and experienced new things. We met cousins and family we never knew we had, but we became very close over time. We stayed with my Dads second cousin and her family, she has 2 daughters and a husband. Her mum and dad who we called zia and zio were always around too. They normally we at the house before we got up! Zia was always bringing or cooking us French and Italian homemade food, she makes really good pizza! Also, in Avignon they don’t have big backyards so they have thier garden at another location. Zio has a garden down the road from where we stayed. Dad and I went to see his garden, it was massive! Zio grew potatoes, peas, beans and a lot more. All of his plants were so green and lush. Dad and I got to pick fresh, sweet cherries from his trees, we collected a bag full!

Kate is one of the daughters. Her Mum and her took us on a tour of the city. There is the new Avignon and the old Avignon. There is a big wall around the centre of Avignon, they took us there and we saw churches, amazing views, the Pope’s palace and of course did some shopping!

I loved meeting new people and just adored the French lifestyle! I learned so much about their culture and learnt new French words and my cousins taught Jas and I a french handclap.

With love from France,

Alannah xx 😉


Zio's Garden
Zio’s Garden
Family we stayed with
Family we stayed with
Fresh Peas straight from the garden
Fresh Peas straight from the garden
Breathtaking Views
Breathtaking Views
Lunch Feast
Lunch Feast
Dad and Zia
Dad and Zia

Alannah Trip – Paris

Bonjour 5/6M,
I am currently in Paris, France with my family. We arrived on Tuesday on the Eurostar train from London. This took 2 hours which was a lot easier than 22 on the plane. On the train we had a table and lots of space. When we arrived in Paris it was 1:00pm local time so we caught a taxi to our hotel. Our hotel is 300 meters away from the Eiffel Tower, and we decided to go and visit the Tower. I loved it! I is amazing, we caught the elevator to the 2nd floor. The view from there is gorgeous; it looks over the city of Paris. There are shops and restaurants there so we got an ice cream. The Eiffel Tower was everything I imagined and more!
Paris has the best desserts! There are patisseries on every corner and I have not had a bad baguette since I got here! The macaroons here are just beautiful. We went to one place that had 20 flavors of macaroons and delicious desserts.
Yesterday we went to a famous art gallery, called the Louvre. There were statues, paintings, and some famous pieces too. We saw the original Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo Divinci. There were a lot of people taking photos but somehow we managed to get to the front. The Mona Lisa is behind glass and you couldn’t go very close to it. It looks a lot bigger in the pictures but it turns out to be quite small.
Tomorrow morning we are leaving for Avignon there we are staying with family.
With love from Paris,
Alannah xx

Alannah’s trip – London

Hello 5/6M,

My family and I arrived in London 3 days ago. We started at Melbourne airport to catch our first flight (13 hours to Dubai). As Dubai was a stopover, we jumped off one plane and stepped on the next (7 hours to London Heathrow). It was a long time on the plane, I was sure about that! When we finally touched down to London I couldn’t wipe a big smile off my face:). We went through customs and got our passports stamped, and caught a taxi to our hotel. Our hotel is right near Buckingham Palace and is on Mayfair. You might remember the name from somewhere…. Monopoly! All the streets on the original Monopoly are in London, I think we have seen or been to at least a dozen.

We of course have been in a telephone box and on the double Decker red buses. On our first full day here we went on a double decker bus tour all around London city. London is beautiful! There are so many old building that give the city so much character. We saw places like The London Eye, Big Ben, St Paul Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. We also visited Oxford street, which had lots and lots of shops and some we don’t have in Aus, like Selfrigdes and Harrods. Harrods is huge and amazing with such a variety of products, We could have spent all day in there!

We have also been to the underground train tubes. This is such an efficient way to get around. It took us less than 5 minutes to get from Mayfair to the Portobello Markets. We travelled on that for most of the day to get to many places. You can take the tubes or buses.

Last night we also went to M&M world. 5 stories of M&M’s, there were full walls with dispensers any flavour or colour you could ask for! There was also a M&M lab, where you could customise your M&M’s, with flavours colours and even have words on them.

I love <3 London and I am obsessed with the Poms accents!

With love from London

Alannah x



Hi Everyone,
This term our integrated topic is Natural Disasters. In ICT we have been playing a game called “Stop disasters” It is a game where we have a budget of $50,000 dollars to spend on housing people, schools for education on natural disasters, a hospital to take first aid courses to help injured people in Natural Disasters and we can build defence against the disasters. It is a game of strategy and learning from your mistakes each time you fail a disaster. What did you find hard in this game and what were some of the strategies you used?

From Amelia and Jess W